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Commerical and Enterprise

Artivision enables commercial and enterprise customers to manage video proactively for enhancing security and safety, reducing operational costs and improving business performance. Today’s enterprise considers security video as another IT-managed resource, with clear compliance policies and success metrics. Artivision’s intelligent video solutions tightly integrate cross video analytics, face recognition and a complete set of modular video building blocks enabling to dynamically scale in capabilities, storage, cameras and locations.

Secure and manage facilities, assets and property

  Commercial buildings
  Corporate campuses
  Storage and logistics centers
  Parking lots
  Key benefits

Reduce loss, theft and vandalism while optimizing costs
Artivision’s accurate and reliable cross-video analytics and pervasive face recognition capabilities enable automated real time detection of suspicious incidents, behaviors and individuals, while delivering all relevant video for effective loss prevention and event resolution. Extensive digital recording, intelligent forensics and data security options enable to effectively address claims, comply with growing data management and control regulations, and reduce liability exposure.

Enhance awareness and response, and track people of interest
Artivision’s unified control center delivers advanced visualization and geo-spatial event synchronization, enabling operators to quickly and effectively manage multiple incidents and locations, with full access to live and recorded video. Artivision’s pervasive face recognition enables to determine in real-time whether specific individuals have been identified in the facility, as well as their current exact location.

Improve business performance
Artivision’s video analytics generates transactional data out of surveillance video to extract business information such as people and vehicle counting and queue length tracking. This data can be used to enhance productivity by optimizing staffing and planning. With video available from virtually anywhere on the network, virtual site visits and remote supervision are just a few ways a smart enterprise can enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Manage and monitor multiple sites, centrally and locally
Artivision’s flexible solution architecture enables video management, recording and monitoring anywhere on the network, affordably scaling from one to hundreds of sites, and offering hierarchical storage at the edge as well at central recording blocks.

Tightly integrated system for faster deployment, minimized integration, and reduced total cost of ownership
Artivision provides an end-to-end scalable video platform through a complete set of modular building
blocks for capture, transmission, analysis, recording, monitoring and management. Leveraging tight integration to cross video analytics and pervasive face recognition capabilities, the solution enables faster deployment with less integration hassle, while maintaining better transparency and control over initial and ongoing cost of ownership.