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BO Technologies is an End to End Technological Projects Handling Company, brings years of Program Management and Relationship Marketing expertise.

BO Technologies focuses on Security, Communications and Technological Infrastructure solutions provisioning through extensive Regional Network of influential leaders in related industries.

We provide comprehensive Turn-Key Solutions for all your technological need based on the entire offering in the market while performing high level of integration and project management.

BO Technologies have vast knowledge and experience in the Homeland security, introducing an innovative technology and solution for security, traffic and people management, based on video surveillance infrastructure and state of the art facial recognition.

Moreover, BO Technologies deals with multiple infrastructure projects requires the advanced transition capabilities for Wi-Fi , Wi-Max, Cellular and etc. while emerging the technologies for any given project, such as safe cities, oil line protection and etc.

As part of BO Technologies projects portfolio you may find various of safe city projects consists of network infrastructure based on various  advanced connectivity technologies as cellular, Wi-Max, Wi-Fi, Fiber optics and More, Transportation control systems, indoor and outdoor security systems and entire supporting management systems using the knowledge and skills of our sister company, RFCell www.rfcell.com 


In order to support its customers, BO Technologies also initiate a consultant service by various specialists using her mother company, OHG management Consulting www.ohg-il.com/indexEN.asp , which escorts the customers from the early stages of planning the required solution, trough the tender initiating, bidding, vendors negotiating, purchasing and project management.