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Pervasive face recognition

Modern security challenges require enhanced levels of awareness. Law enforcement, safety and security operators need to be able to determine in real time that specific individuals have been identified in the area, as well as their current exact location. Each person can be of negative interest (a wanted terrorist, criminal or shoplifter), or of positive interest (VIP, casino high roller, etc), and should be automatically recognized and tracked.

Artivision developed a state of the art pervasive face recognition engine, employing recent algorithmic breakthroughs in computer-vision research. Contrary to conventional face recognition technologies, Artivision’s engine leverages the full spectrum of surveillance video to operate non-intrusively with extreme accuracy while guaranteeing virtually near-zero false positives. As more cameras are deployed, the probability of identifying specific people-of-interest increases, and respectively improves the geo-spatial location of their current whereabouts

Artivision’s unique pervasive face recognition technology is seamlessly embedded in a range of edge and central devices, connected to standard IP or analog surveillance cameras. This architecture makes it cost effective to carry out mass deployments of strategically-placed face-recognition-enabled video cameras across large scale facilities such as airports, campuses and public areas.

Artivision’s pervasive face recognition enables transportation, government and municipal facilities, public areas, financial institutions, leisure and hotel security operators to automatically determine in real time some of the most critical situational awareness questions:
Did specific people-of-interest enter the facility?; where are they now?; have they been here before?